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An Aspiring Artist's Guide to a Career in CG


There is a new version of the Escape Careers Guide available now, you can download it here

Are you an aspiring CG artist who wants to make it in the CG Industry? A highly creative individual who is thinking about transferring your skills to VFX? Our CG Careers Guide offers an extensive insight into the myriad of opportunities available to creative people in the VFX, Animation and Gaming industries. It is designed to help you see through the maze of options available and to make serious decisions about your future career as a CG artist.

The rapid growth of the CG industry over the last few years has led to an increased demand for CG artists across the globe in areas as diverse as TV, Advertising, Film, Gaming and Character Animation. In addition to this, advantageous tax breaks for businesses have led to London becoming a centre of excellence in VFX for film. The way in which we consume ever more sophisticated content is set to drive further growth in this incredibly creative and exciting industry.

Packed with the vital information you need to get started, Escape Studios’ CG Careers Guide covers everything from average salaries to the types of jobs available. So whether you’ve just graduated or are thinking about a whole new career move, this guide is the perfect place to start.

Did you know?

An experienced 3D artist working in a big-name studio can earn over £50,000 a year?
Source: VFXwages.com 2011

The UK has the largest visual effects industry outside of the United States with 600 FX studios employing around 6,900 people.
Source: Skillset, 2010 and Office for National Statistics