90 years of the BBC in 60 seconds.

90 years of the BBC in 60 seconds.

If you live in the UK and watch television from time to time, you might find yourself familiar with the BBC… well to be honest, unless you live in a cave and aren’t aware of the technological progression of the western world over the last 100 years, you will definitely have heard of the BBC.

The British Broadcasting Corporation, has been active since 1922, and has brought us some of the most legendary and iconic moments of Television and Radio the world has ever seen. 

This week, the BBC have put together an all-encompassing 60 second clip, to celebrate  the fruitful history of the BBC, the video takes us from the first ever radio broadcast, all the way through to the Olympics and the ground breaking multi-screen viewing function, that kept us up to date with London 2012. (You can also see how it was made here.)

What a distance we’ve come from the first radio broadcast in 1922. This video is well worth a watch – how many programmes can you name?

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