3ds Max Feedback Forum

3ds Max Feedback Forum

I have just attended an Autodesk 'start of financial year kick off meeting' and the guys there mentioned this little jewel.

In a nutshell it's a forum to post annoying bugs in 3ds Max that may have been forgotten over-time and which, depending on the votes, may actually get fixed! Some blurb below but if you are a Max user this may be of some interest to you.


  • Each user has 20 votes for each forum 
  • Each idea can have no more than 3 votes by a single user 
  • If you enter an idea, it will cost you 1 vote – therefore try to make sure the idea doesn’t already exist 
  • The more precise and detailed a description you give, the more likely your idea will rise higher in the list 
  • When an idea is implemented, votes are returned to all the users that voted 
  • User can change their votes at any time 
  • Admins can move, edit and delete ideas as they see fit to better meet the goals of the forum 
  • We will flag ideas that are getting our attention as “under review”. Because of limits on what we can say publicly, that is as far as we can go with commenting on a particular idea. If it is “under review” it simply means we’re studying it for possible implementation or gathering data, but there is no commitment to do it.

Why not take a look here, happy bug reporting :-)

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Mark Cass
Thu 14 Apr 2011: 10:19am

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