3DBOXX8550 Sets the Benchmark in Architectural Visualisation

3DBOXX8550 Sets the Benchmark in Architectural Visualisation

BOXX has impressed the reviewers again at UK's Develop3D magazine, this time proving it’s a serious contender in the Architectural Visualisation space.

The machine under the spotlight was BOXX’s flagship 3D8550Xtreme workstation, and it passed with flying colours, topping the benchmarking tests for 3ds Max and Solidworks. Greg Corke, editor of the magazine sums up the impressive test results here:

“It recorded the fastest ever time in our 3ds Max benchmark, using its 12 physical and 12 virtual HyperThreading cores to full effect, rendering our test scene in 96 seconds. It also made incredibly light work of our PowerMill CAM test, setting new records when running two and three tests concurrently.”

The 8550 has some pretty exciting specs under the hood, including two Intel Xeon X5680 processors and a 2GB Quadro 4000, which explains why it’s pretty fast when it comes to design visualisation - something Greg points out in his review.

“Overall, the BOXX 8550 Xtreme is an amazing piece of hardware. If you are serious about design visualisation it’s an excellent choice to help transform your productivity. We’ve yet to see a faster machine out there.”

You can see how it measures up against other machines here. For the full write-up check out the review.

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