3D Printing to hit the masses sooner than we think?

3D Printing to hit the masses sooner than we think?

We do love a good Kickstarter project, and with 3D printing being all the rage of late, this one in particular caught our eye.

The whole concept of 3D printing is pretty far out, and I think it’s fair to say, was inconceivable to nearly everyone before the turn of the millennium, but with this technological progression, we are moving one step closer to seeing them in every house around the country. Insane stuff!

The team at ‘Pirate 3D’ have focused on creating a 3D printer that is user friendly, and just as importantly – wallet friendly, for the mass market.  ‘The Buccaneer’ is a bold attempt to thrust 3D printing into the mainstream. With 22 days to go, the project is over 70% of the way towards its goal, showing that all this hype about 3D printing is not simply chitter-chatter, and people are willing to put money where their mouth is to get this technology out there!

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Dom Davenport
Thu 6 Jun 2013: 5:19pm

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  • Xavier:

    Just thought that you might be interested. We launched our very own crowdfunding campaign for our company, Protos Eyewear, to crowdfund custom fit eyewear made via 3D printing.

    We actually wanted to use the Kickstarter platform but unfortunately they no longer allow eyewear. In turn, we have had to work extra hard to get people to know about our campaign. If it's okay, we would love to get your help and support in getting the word out to your friends and readers.

    Please do check us out at protoseyewear.com to get a jist of what our project is about.

    All the information is on the site, but should you have any inquiries or concerns regarding our campaign, please feel free to contact me.

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