3D Printing on a HUGE Scale!

3D Printing on a HUGE Scale!

Here at Escape Studios we are naturally, fans of most things 3D, and personally I find myself intrigued by the growing phenomenon that is 3D printing.

This firm of Dutch architects however, have taken the concept a step further than your usual lost Lego parts, or a cheese sculpture of your own head, and are currently planning for a mammoth project!
This week plans were unveiled to build the first ever, 3D printed house.

Yes, a house – from a printer. What a whacky notion!

Enrico Dini, one of the pioneers of the project, has been printing ‘large things’ in 3D for few years now, armed with a ginormous 3D printer that can print objects that are 6 by 9 metres, at any one time.

3D fans will want to keep their ears to the ground for the progress of this exciting project, as it’s sure to go down in the 3D history books!

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Thu 24 Jan 2013: 4:25pm

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