3D Printer Creates Patient-Specific Implants

3D Printer Creates Patient-Specific Implants

So our good friends at Boston Limited drew our attention to this amazing technology breakthrough. We are probably a little behind the curve with this one but none the less we thought it worthy of sharing with you all.

An 83 year old woman has had an artificial jaw implant, made possible by a device made entirely from a 3d printer. The artificial jaw was made from titanium powder and covered in a bioceramic coating, designed and built by Belgium company LayerWise. What’s more, once the 3d design was received by LayerWise the implant took only a few hours to create.

The implant was specially designed for the patient to replace her entire lower jaw after the woman suffered from the chronic bone infection osteomyelitis. The operation is the first of its kind and the implant weighs 107 grams, only 30 grams heavier than a natural mandible.

The method of development was created by the BIOMED Research Institute at Hasselt University in Belgium and the operation was performed in the Netherlands. The professor in charge of the surgery, Prof Dr Jules Poukens, from Hasselt University confirmed that only a few hours after the surgery the patient was able to speak a few words and the following day she was able to speak and swallow normally. And as an added bonus there was the potential to attach her dentures…toothrific.

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