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3D For Visual Effects – Evening Course

Why take this course?

  • Intensive programme taught over 28 weeks
  • Each week you’ll be introduced to new concepts, building your skills to a professional level
  • Bring your skills up to speed before you start with a free online primer course
  • Access Escape’s unique online learning platform
  • 12 months' free access to the online course related to your classroom training
  • Aftercare and career support with our Relationship Manager
  • Help and advice on your CV, showreel and job applications
  • Free Autodesk Software when you sign up to the Autodesk Education Community

Who is this course for?

  • If you're passionate about building a career in this exciting industry
  • If you want to study VFX around work or other commitments
  • Students and graduate 3D Artists preparing for the job market
  • Creative career changers
  • If you want the skills to pursue a serious career in the industry
  • Try this course out with a one-day taster!

Course details

London, UK
Mon and Wed: 7 - 10pm
28 weeks
Maya, Photoshop, 3D Equalizer, Nuke
Early booking discount:
Save £500 when you pay in full, 3 months before the course starts
Payment plan:
Pay £1,000 deposit to reserve your place and then 5 instalments of £750 on weeks 1, 6, 12, 18 & 24
Course pre-requisite:
Good Maya skills - to a level taught in the 3D Foundation Evening Course

When Night Falls, Learn Visual Effects


Fancy doing something productive with your evenings? How about becoming a VFX Pro? Our evening Visual Effects (VFX) course is a condensed version of the second half of our full-time course taught over 28 weeks. Each week you’ll be introduced to new concepts until you can create 3D elements and integrate them seamlessly into live footage just like in the films. Making magic has never been easier. You’ll complete the course by using all of your newly acquired skills to produce a VFX shot of your own from start to finish.

The Visual Effects evening course is the part-time equivalent of the second 6 weeks of the 3D for Visual Effects full-time day course.

Success stories

Maxime Cazaly

3D For Visual Effects – Evening Course

Maxime Cazaly

Escapee Maxime Cazaly speaks to us regarding his recent appointment at Framestore.


FAVOURITE MOVIE ONE LINER:  “my favourite movie one liner is from a gentleman called Arnold Schwarzenegger, in cinematic masterpiece ‘Predator’… "Get to da choppa!".

PROJECTS: Recently, ‘Ronin’ (featuring Keanu Reeves)

WHY VFX? Since a young age I have loved VFX, but once I had a real idea of the working environment, I knew I wanted to get involved in this industry. The team I'm working with at the moment are absolutely amazing, and we do a lot of things together: football, drinks (a lot of drinks!) clubs, movies, you name it! You feel like part of a big engine that’s creating something really cool. It's very rewarding!

ABOUT: Maxime is a recent Escape graduate, who took a year out to travel in New Zealand last year, perfecting his English, and came to England to pursue his dream of a career in VFX. Now working at the world renowned Framestore, we asked Maxime to share his journey, and how he got to where he is today; because it’s always good to get tips and advice from escapees who have made it.

ADVICE: 1) My best advice for students is to work hard, work as hard as you can, and when you’re finished doing that, work hard some more. Dedicate yourself entirely to whatever you’re doing.

2) Being able to take criticism is extremely important as well; some people are a bit defensive when someone else criticises their work. Accept and embrace the critiques, because your work is going to be criticised on a daily basis in the industry.

3) Probably the most important piece of advice though, is to love what you do. This isn’t an easy job, there is no place for lazy people, but if you are passionate about VFX, you will love every second of it.

Maxime's Showreel

Carmine Agnone

3D For Visual Effects – Evening Course

Carmine Agnone

Carmine finished his study with us on April 1st 2011, and by the following September, was working at Baseblack and shortly after, MPC.

“The VFX world is as fascinating as it is complex, and I think the only way to be part of it is to continue working hard, continue studying and above all, believe in what you do, never feel 'arrived'”

These words of wisdom considered, it was ironically the film Never Ending Story that first sparked escapee Carmine Agnone’s intrigue in the world of VFX. Described to us as a “HOW DID THEY DO THAT!” moment, it inspired him to begin creating his own VFX, from his first amateur production at the age of 16, to recently working on Tim Burton’s latest film Dark Shadows. This lifelong Burton fan come VFX expert has ticked off some incredible career achievements since his time with Escape Studios.

Carmine finished his study with us on April 1st last year, and by the following September, was working at Baseblack and shortly after, MPC, both giants in the VFX industry. Having earned a position as a Matchmove artist and 3D Generalist, Carmine explains how his experience at Escape prepared and enticed him further into a career in visual effects.

“There were so many beautiful experiences at Escape, but the best were in the relaxation room, where I chatted with other escapees about our plans, projects, dreams and hopes for working in the world of VFX after the course… for many of us this dream came true.”

Having also worked on other projects for films World War Z and Dredd, Carmine is just one of the many who continued to fulfil their career ambitions and draw from industry knowledge acquired here at Escape.

“The key benefit for me at Escape was the opportunity to learn how the work is organised in a VFX company. Coming from a different working environment in Italy, this part of the course was essential for me, equally important was visiting The Mill where we could experience the various stages of post-production, in order to better decide which path to take.”

At the moment, Carmine is working with 3D computer graphics software, Maya, studying and specialising in digital environments. He is also currently practising this research on a camera projection project with a portion of Chicago skyscrapers. His career is obviously moving forward to pastures green, and on discussing this current project explains his motivation…

“I love the architecture, set extension and camera movements!”

Under the ethos of never feeling like he’s arrived and being proactive when it comes to satisfying a hunger for knowledge, Carmine is furthering his career at rapid pace, building on the experiences acquired at Escape. To see exactly what Carmine’s been working on, you can watch his showreel here.

Sophie Robinson

3D For Visual Effects – Evening Course

Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson was inspired to become an artist from an early age and it was traditional forms of art like model making and set design that held the most appeal for her...

Creature TD at Double Negative

“Some of the most talented CG artists work in London and its great to be working along side them"

Sophie Robinson was inspired to become an artist from an early age and it was traditional forms of art like model making and set design that held the most appeal for her. However the idea of also being able to sculpt and create digitally excited her. It made her think about the endless creative possibilities that were available to her in a 3D world. So she decided to take a look at some courses and here she is, a few credits later, with the likes of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Inception & Fantastic Mr Fox under her belt.

Let’s start at the Wimbledon School of Art where Sophie studied her degree. “Even though I was modelling 3D physically on a daily basis, I became intrigued by the idea of also being able to creating these models digitally. I’d heard about the CG industry and I thought it would be good to have another set of skills and tools”. After some research Sophie came across the Visual Effects course at Escape Studios. “The opportunity to learn the skills directed at a specific occupation, like visual effects, was so appealing”.

Remembering the 18-week Visual Effects Course, she explained how impressed she was with the quality of what was taught. “The course was so intense and I’m sure most students have said this, but you really have to want to become a VFX artist. It’s a pretty hard-core course and there is so much to take on board. Not only are you getting to grips with new software but you have to think technically and creatively at the same time. The tutors’ knowledge is really helpful though – it wasn’t just theoretical, but practical hands-on advice with tricks on how to do stuff’.

Sophie left Escape Studios and started out as a Matchmover at Double Negative. “Although I didn’t use the Recruitment Service at Escape, the guys were always hugely supportive and it was great to know that you had them on side if you needed advice about your showreel. What I love most about this industry is that there is so much to learn and do, and you could specialise in one particular area or keep things open and become a generalist. The opportunities are huge and the projects are really exciting. Escape Studios helped me take my artistic skill to the next level and I can’t thank them enough for that”.

Ben Wiggs

3D For Visual Effects – Evening Course

Ben Wiggs

“From Animation-wanabe to Animator at DNEG – I owe Escape big time.”

Animator at DNEG

“From Animation-wanabe to Animator at DNEG – I owe Escape big time.”

Animation is where it’s at

It’s official: Animated Characters have taken over British TV. With the likes of Alexander the Meerkat, who has made us all laugh, to the latest CG Andrex Puppy who has divided the nation, the animation market is flourishing.  Good job that escapee Ben Wiggs has a secure position as Animator at one of London’s top post production houses; DNEG. Ben has worked on some huge titles: Cadbury's - Spots vs Stripes, Ademe - Garbage Monster, Want to See Something (short film), York - Polar Bear and Airwick –Freshmatic, to name but a few. Ben is in the perfect role at the perfect time but let’s take a look at his journey and how he got there.

Why Animation?

Ben is someone who knows what he wants and from the time he first saw ‘Akira’ aged thirteen he was hooked on the idea of becoming an animator. “I was so smitten I began dabbling with a bit of stop-motion on an old cine camera, before teenage life kicked in and distracted me totally from it. ”But, it wasn’t long before his passion for animation was re-ignited by the legendary Ray Harryhausen who inspired Ben to follow his dream “I was totally fascinated by him and particularly loved ‘Clash of the Titans’.  It undoubtedly had a direct effect on my willingness to try some stop-motion animation and I knew what I wanted to do with my life I just needed the skills to get me there”.

To Escape and Beyond

Ben didn’t study at University because he just wasn’t convinced he was a ‘University type of guy’. So, he set to work on the internet looking up courses, eventually finding Escape Studios. Before he knew it, he was coming in for an open day tour and signing up to study his dream subject. Ben told us that the main reason he chose to study with Escape was because he knew that Maya was the industry-standard software of choice and the courses taught at Escape were 12 week comprehensive Maya master-classes. “It was perfect for me as a young animator-wannabe trying to find a way in to this industry. It was more than I could ever have hoped it would be! The course literally took a bunch of novices and set us up ready to start a career in CG”.

Once Ben had completed his course he was ready to start looking for his first job in the industry. So, he did what all of our graduates do and met with our Recruitment Team: “Escape's recruitment service played a massive role in my career. After a stint at Weta in New Zealand, I came back and approached Escape as an ex-student hoping for some contacts. Within weeks they found me my first job in London at Steel Drum Studios, where I stayed for two years. Then later in my career, as a freelance animator, Escape got me gigs at the likes of Glassworks, Not to Scale and Th1ng – I know I couldn’t have done with without them.”

Open Days

Open days

Our open days often feature guest industry speakers, so you can get a real insight into what life is like as a VFX Artist. Watch this space for more information on when our next industry guest will be joining us and also when our next Open Days will be taking place.

Join us at our London campus to:

  • Learn about the specialised jobs in VFX and Compositing
  • Understand the course options which suit you
  • Be a fly-on-the-wall in one of our classroom courses
  • Review successful student reels
  • Understand what skills you need to become studio-ready
  • Learn about student perks and soak up the atmosphere


The next open day is Wednesday 30th of April

We will welcome 2 speakers from Prime Focus World, VFX Co-Ordinator Julie Nixon and VFX Researcher/Co-ordinator Danny Khan, they will be discussing their experiences within the industry across the spectrum, and answering any questions attendees may have.


Online Virtual Learning Enviroment Tour


If you are thinking about studying Visual Effects online, then why not arrange for an Online VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) Tour?


The purpose of the Online VLE Tour is to demonstrate how students use our Unique VLE system to study 3D or Compositing for VFX online. If this is something you're interested in, fill out the form to the right or call us on +44 (0) 207 348 1920 to schedule your Online Tour today. When selecting your dates and times please note we usually conduct tours Monday - Friday, from 10:00am - 5:00pm UK time (GMT).


Please email admissions@escapestudios.com if you need more information about our Open Day/Online Tours.