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  • CGI Technical Director Shenfield VFX Permanent
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    Burrows are looking to find a CGI Technical Director to join their team, the successful applicant should have the following skills: 

    Scripting Languages; cmd line, Python, vbScript, JavaScript, MAXScript, Programming Languages; c#, vb.Net, .Net Framework, Solid understanding of a CG/Animation/Games pipeline

    Ability to lead in advanced troubleshooting without guidance for 2D / 3D / CGI studio based software, Experience of Windows 7 OS, Awareness of programming methodologies such as AGILE, Experience in a multimedia / digital agency environment, Experience with Apache httpd build, deploy, support, config, Experience of other scripting languages – MELScript, TCL, Perl

    This position is full time and offers a competitive salary, if you are interested, please apply to

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