3D Creative Director at The Mill Comes to Escape

3D Creative Director at The Mill Comes to Escape

We’re getting pretty excited here at Escape Studios and looking forward to July 12th, when 3D Creative Director at The Mill, Jordi Bares, will be taking part in our special VFX Open Day.

There’s no one better placed to explain what is needed to make it in the VFX industry. Jordi will be sharing his experiences and going over a couple of recent projects that use the advanced techniques taught on our Visual Effects Animation Professional and Visual Effects Professional Course.  It’s great to have Jordi share his expertise with people who really want to make it in the industry, and having been at The Mill for nearly five years first as Head of 3D and now Creative Director he certainly knows what he’s talking about.

This special Open Day is ideal if you want to learn about our pro VFX courses and their structure in more detail. We’ll show you some examples of student work and give you the chance to ask as many questions as you need to. Places are very limited on our Open day so if you’d like to sign up to it, you’ll need to register now.


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Mon 4 Jul 2011: 11:29am

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