3D Conversion of Harry Potter Cancelled - One for the Studios!

According to Variety we have been saved from yet more badly converted stereo films - check out the story here. Warner Brothers have canned the release of Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 1 in 3D. This is due to quality issues, that were mainly due to time constraints, and Warner have come to the conclusion that the converted film was not high enough quality. I can only applaud them for not releasing yet another stereo nasty.

For films currently in production at the VFX houses I hope that the stereo process can be brought into the pipeline and that the VFX houses can expand to facilitate the conversion work. The conversion process can be a good experience if time, budget and the VFX house can work in collaboration to generate a good stereo experience. The "fix it in post with no time" just does not cut it when trying to work in stereo. Hopefully the transition to full stereo pipelines will be fixed sooner rather than later. Even on full stereo pipelines I believe that conversion techniques will be utilised on some shots - either in cases where one eye will be incorrect to the point of being unusable or just for more flexibility in depth control. So, I look forward to part 2 which will be stereo.

On a side note I hate the term "3D". It's a stereoscopic effect! But hey who am I to argue...

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Lee Danskin
Fri 15 Oct 2010: 10:19am

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  • Ankit:

    I do agree with LEE. Its not 3D, its stereoscopic effects . But, whts the lenticular effects ??? is it the same as stereoscopic effect? ? or is it kind of developed for Photographs only to feel depth?? ...just curious mind..
    Its better to ask question who is actually master mind in these stuff rather than GOOGLE it..


  • Kazi Munir Hasan:

    Harry Potter is the Proud of England. No excuse can be accepted to maintain it's Quality

  • Jason Ibrahim:

    I hate this whole 3D hype, because most of it is rubbish and poor effects, and now everyone confuses what we know as 3D for stereoscopics, just plain annoying

  • Chris wilson:

    So where do we draw the line from 2D/3D which revolves around cg?

  • Jean-Marc Rulier:

    Give us back "Creature from the Black Lagoon* 1954. That was 3D.
    And one of the best score from Original Music

    I bet next year remake is going to be 4D: you will get splashed over for sure...

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