3 Reasons BOXX 8550 is The Fastest Workstation in the World

3 Reasons BOXX 8550 is The Fastest Workstation in the World

There has been a lot of talk about the BOXX 8550 XTREME lately, and why it’s the fastest workstation in the world. Many of us are naturally suspicious of all the marketing hype, but on proper investigation, these claims are actually based in pretty solid facts... Here’s the low down.

1. Performance that packs a punch
TThe BOXX 8550 uses dual, performance-enhanced, Intel® Xeon® 5600 series processors at its core. This makes it super fast and means that a 12 core 8550 XTREME machine is able to reach speeds of 4.2 GHz – which is a pretty impressive feat. Another great thing about a 12 core CPU is that it can handle up to 24 threads simultaneously, which is great for complex multi-threading and multi-tasking work. The 8550 can also accommodate up to four NVIDIA® GPUs, giving you the option of either rendering on your CPU or GPU, or both, for super fast rendering times.

2. Tested and proven by independent tests
The BOXX 8550 XTREME has recently undergone independent benchmarking tests with some pretty amazing results. Tested on speed and performance, it was found that for creative software applications, XTREME is the fastest Xeon-based workstation on the market. Intel were also pretty pleased. This is what Anthony C. Neal-Graves, general manager of Intel’s Professional Workstation Group said, “With 12 cores, twenty-four threads, larger and smarter caches and faster frequencies, we think artists, designers and engineers will have an opportunity to design, test, and visualise their ideas faster than ever before.” You can read the full story here.

3. Fast performance with Autodesk products
BOXX perform well with Autodesk products, and have recently been used by Autodesk at their Autodesk University 2010 conference to demonstrate latest releases. You can see just how fast BOXX 8550 renders on 3D Studio Max in this demo by Shane Griffith, Autodesk’s Product Manager. With a total render time of less than 1 minute for each layer, the results speak for themselves. You can also see a BOXX demo from the event in the video above.

To find out more about BOXX 8550, get in touch.

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