25 Years of Pixar Animation

25 Years of Pixar Animation

I'm sure many of you will have seen the film medley that represents 25 years of Pixar Animation. Well, it's amazing to be reminded of all their fantastic work - not just the images and characters, but the stories also. They pretty much have it all. I would personally like to thank Pixar for The Incredibles, which for me is unsurpassed. Simply brilliant.

Because we are a partner of Pixar's RenderMan team, I also love to see how the technology has developed over the years. I guess the general public would not realise that Toy Story in 1995 had plastic looking characters because that's pretty much all that the tech could render... When Geri's Game was released in 1997, of course the RenderMan development team had built functionality like Procedural Primitives, RiPoints & RiCurves and Level of Detail.

In 1998 the inclusion of SubDivision surfaces, AOV's and DSO Shadeops helped the look of a bugs life. It's also interesting to note that Cars took around the same time as TS1 to render! We have better software, faster machines yet the level of complexity goes up. 'Give me more and I'll use it'! The Pixar Render Farm is also a sight to see, I love the 'open 24/7 signage'!

And the story goes on. Technology is an enabler... story IMHO will always be king.

Here's to the next 25 years!

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