21st Century Oz

21st Century Oz

As mentioned in my previous blog, Comic Con 2012 provided us with a lot of new releases, information and sneak peeks in regards to upcoming films. One to keep an eye out for is Disney's upcoming release Oz: The Great and Powerful, whose trailer debuted at the convention.

From what we can see, it looks to be visually stunning. The land of Oz was always described, and imagined by many, as a vibrant, colourful place, yet in this remake, gone are the days of the painted yellow 'brick' road, plastic flowers and strange munchkins that tend to turn from adults to children in one camera change. Disney has challenged itself to take the image of 'Oz' from the original Wizard of Oz film and bring it crashing into the 21st Century - not too difficult, we can imagine, with the help of VFX and CG.

As excited as you may be, you’ve got a bit of time before the film actually comes out, 7 months and 18 days to be precise. But, while you wait you can just watch the trailer over and over until we can bring you more insight!

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