2013, the year of the special effects film?

2013, the year of the special effects film?

It’s no secret, here at Escape, we love special effects. For that reason, we are especially pleased that someone (Cinefex) has taken the time to find out what VFX clad films we’re set to expect in 2013/14, and compiled them into a succinct, chronological list for our (and your) perusal.

Some highlights for us include Iron Man 3, Jack the Giant Slayer, The Lone Ranger, and a second 300, all of which, are sure to be packed to the brim with some hectic effects. I had no idea that The Fast and the Furious 6 (yes, 6!) was on the cards though, will this saga ever cease to exist? 

We knew this list was a must see for our film loving followers– what will you be first in line to view in 2013?

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Mon 21 Jan 2013: 4:09pm

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