2009 Customer Satisfaction Survey - Winners!

A few weeks ago we ran a customer satisfaction survey. As part of the survey, we had a prize draw, with the winners bagging a masterclass with our VFX tutor Lee Danskin and the runners up all receiving Amazon vouchers.

We're pleased to announce that the following three respondents have been drawn as the winners of the masterclass: Ben Nuttall-Smith, Keiron Campbell and Mark Robin. Congratulations to you all!

We've also got 20 runners-up, who all receive an Amazon voucher worth £25 (or $40, if you're into that sort of thing): Kevin Rittenhouse, Jaime Rivera, Dan Nastasa, Marcus Williams, Surapen Yosravikul, Curtis Cooper III, David Godefroy, Carla Gomes, James Pruszkowski, Hugo Guerra, Amanda Carrington, Joe Williamsen, Satoko Kojima, Jason Mullin, Mi Li, Artur Leao, Tom Crate, Luke Caulfield, Jeff Chen and Denise Ebanks.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey - we'll be posting next week about the results and the insights we've drawn from them.

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